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Fire Rainbow

Photo: Lisa Foss Forget the Double Rainbow, there’s a new celestial phenomenon that makes us yelp "OMG what does this mean?" Lisa Foss of Ely, Minnesota saw this brilliant display of [...]

Tom Swifty Contest

More Awesome Than a Double Rainbow T-Shirt – $11.95 Of course you all know about our Facebook and Twitter accounts. But did you know we also are ramping up our presence over on Google+? If you’re not yet on there, now’s a good time because we’re running a fun Tom Swifty contest this weekend. Go write [...]

Double Rainbow Cupcakes

Oh, my God, it’s a double rainbow all the way! Woah. It’s so bright. What does this mean? Link -via That’s Nerdalicious! | Photo: Megan Seling

Your Beards Are Invalid

(YouTube link) Neatorama has featured lots of very strange beards in the past, but this… this I’ve never seen. The audience at the 1991 Beard and Moustache Championship in Tacoma, WA, had a double-rainbow moment when competitor Dean Beacon revealed his entry for the Freestyle Beard portion of the contest. I think commenter moosewomb says it [...]

Double Rainbow for Choir

(YouTube link) Joe Raciti (previously at Neatorama) took the Double Rainbow Song and adapted it for a choir. Then musician YouTube users collaborated long distance for an “Audio Quilt” version. The result is as lovely as …a double rainbow! Lyrics, credits, and an iTunes link are available at the YouTube page. -Thanks, Joe!

Full Double Rainbow Photos And Video

A Double Rainbow photographer Guy who has taken pictures real-life double rainbow lit up the Los Angeles area this evening — all the way across the sky, according to witnesses. A Double rainbow is an optical and meteorological phenomenon that causes a spectrum of light to appear in the sky when the Sun shines on to [...]

Google Maps Captures a Plane in Flight

Double rainbow! This image is from Google Maps’ satellite view. It shows a plane flying over Hyde Park in Chicago. Link via Geekosystem | Screenshot: Atlantic

Internet Meme Halloween Costumes

An internet meme costume is cool as long as at least a few of your fellow Halloween party-goers recognize what you are trying to portray. Of course, not everyone is a citizen of the ‘net (believe it or not), so you must be prepared to explain yourself to someone who is not familiar with the [...]