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7 Ridiculous Things Cities Decided to Ban

If you want to have a pet goldfish, park in your own driveway, or die, here are some places you probably shouldn’t live. 1. Satan If the Son of Perdition is looking to vacation in Florida, it looks like he’ll have to skip the town of Inglis. In 2001, the town of 1400 residents banned Satan by [...]

Police Help Blind Writer Recover Work

Trish Vickers of Charmouth, Dorset, England, lost her sight years ago, but continues to write in longhand with a system that keeps her lines straight. During a particularly creative streak, she wrote 26 pages of a novel. However, the ink in her pen had run out. Vickers only found that out when her son Simon [...]

Hen Hatches Ducklings

Hilda is a hen who lives at Farmer Palmer’s children’s activity farm near Poole, Dorset, England. She apparently sat on the wrong nest of eggs and stayed there, keeping them warm, until they hatched. Surprise! The eggs were full of ducklings! Farmer Philip Palmer was unaware until then that the eggs had been laid by [...]

Massacred Vikings Show Us Their Teeth

A road crew in Dorset, England found a mass grave of Viking bodies that appear to have been slaughtered by Britons, as their heads, torsos and legs were buried in separate graves and no weapons, equipment or clothing were found. The bones showed signs of utter brutality being delivered upon the poor fellows, but more [...]

Funny and Rude UK Place Names

You knew there were some provocative place names in the United Kingdom. Now we have a definitive (and long) list of funny place names in England, Scotland, Wales, and Northern Ireland all in one place. Here is a small sample: Titley Close, London Swallow Passage, London Bachelors Bump, Essex, UK Crapstone, Devon Fanny Hands Lane, Lincolnshire Golden Balls, Oxfordshire, UK Hornyold Road, [...]

Mitzi – The Bionic Dog – World’s First Artificial Paw

A German Shepherd called Mitzi has become the first dog in the world to be fitted with a pioneering prosthetic ankle. The three-year-old had her rear right foot amputated after she was trampled by a horse. But the lively dog is back to enjoying walks with her owner after being fitted with an artificial foot and ankle [...]

Man Builds Matchstick Models of Every Ship in the Royal Navy Since 1945

Phillip Warren’s hobby for the past 62 years has been building models of warships out of matchsticks. So far, he’s used 650,000 matches to build 400 ship models: The master modeller, from Brandford, Dorset, has created every ship built in the Royal Navy since 1945, as well as 60 other ships from the US navy and [...]

Leaf eaters for Nettle Eating champion

Sisters Louise (L) and Lottie Gray, of Bincombe, Weymouth, and Nina Ivanova (R) of London compete in the annual Nettle Eating World Championships during a hen party at Bottle Inn pub in Marshwood, Dorset June 19, 2010. Sam Cunningham, a fishmonger from Wellington, Somerset won the event by eating the leaves of the equivalent of [...]

Police consulted warlock over horse plaiting

Police in Dorset have consulted with a warlock in an effort to unravel the mystery of horses having their manes plaited, it is believed that this …

A Christmas Tree Rental Service

These days, you can rent just about everything—Segways, leprechauns, little people, sheep, dogs. And here in the UK, a very clever and environmentally concerned businessman came up with a brilliant idea: Rent out Christmas trees for the holiday season. The whole thing works like this: The renter orders a tree, choosing between three models (the Fraser [...]