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Labyrinth Knocker Earrings

Sure, these Labyrinth door knocker earrings by DeviantArt user buzhandmade look amazing, but the first thing I’d want to do would be pull the knocker out of the right one’s mouth -I always though it was so mean when she shoved it back in his mouth just to enter his door. Link

Curtain Door

Hello Neatoramanauts, look at your front door, now back to this one. Now back at your front door. Now back to this. Sadly, your front door isn’t the Curtain Door, designed by architectural firm Matharoo Associates [...]

Bunny Krueger Will Give You Adorable Nightmares

One two bunny’s coming for you.Three, four better lock his door.Five, six grab some carrot sticks.Seven, Eight better stay up late.Nine, Ten never hop again. Michelle Coffee made this plush that will hopefully inspire the creation of a children’s version of A Nightmare on Elm Street. Link -via Super Punch

Burglar Foiled by Burglar-trapping Door

(YouTube link) John Rodriguez arrived at the Rent-a-Center he managed in Brockton, Massachusetts, Tuesday and found 53-year-old Manuel Fernandes pinned to the floor under the metal door at the rear of the building. His first instinct was, of course, to whip out his phone and start recording. On the video, the Fernandes claims he was just “trying [...]

UV Glow Painting Made With RC Cars

(YouTube Link) Typically when art and advertising collide the result is annoyingly shameless, like a door to door salesman selling magazine subscriptions. But this glowing work by Ian Cook doesn’t smack of in your face advertising, and he created parts of the painting by using RC cars to apply the paint, four wheel streaks at a time. –via [...]

Pirate Skull Door Knocker

Pirate Skull Door Knocker – $24.95 (sold individually) Ahoy! Are ye a landlubber looking for a way to release your inner pirate? You need the Pirate Skull Door Knocker from the NeatoShop. This handcrafted door knocker is shaped like a deathly pirate’s skull. Shiver me timbers! Ye may get your sea legs yet. Be sure to check [...]

Naked Vermont Governor Almost Eaten by Bears

As you might expect, Gov. Peter Shumlin was naked: “Real Vermont boys don’t wear pajamas,” he said — meaning he was naked. He told WDEV radio host Mark Johnson he was wearing as much as the bears were. He saw four bears looting his bird feeders. Naturally, he ran outside to challenge them. They backed off, and [...]

Specially Designed Chair Jams the Door, Just Like in the Movies

Miss Cellania is coming! Quickly, block the door! Unlike in the movies, that’s actually possible with Daniel Ballou’s Who’s There Chair. A notch in the backrest fits around a doornob. The back is made of steel and has rubberized leveling feet to hold the door in place. Link -via Gizmodo

If the Cops Mistakenly Kick Down Your Door, Who Pays for the Damage?

If the authorities knock down your door while following procedure to catch you in some nefarious act, you’ll be paying for your own door-fixing contractor. But if the cops burst in by mistake, it becomes a trickier issue. Door image via Shutterstock In the United Kingdom, the police pay for their errors, covering the costs on [...]

The X-Men Go Clubbing

Cyclops won’t have to wait at the door. He and his friends are the hippest mutants at this club. View more images of their adventures by Kevin Wada and Max Wittert at the link. Link and Link -via The Mary Sue