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The American Dream, Explained via Flowchart

Doogie Horner has a way with flowcharts. He’s the author of the highly-entertaining Everything Explained Through Flowcharts (a few of which we excerpted here a couple of months ago), and now, inspired by the State of the Union a few days ago, he’s turned his flowcharting skills to a concept that’s been on everyone’s minds [...]

Flowchart: How to Explain the Internet to a Street Urchin, Circa 1835

So, you’ve used a time machine to travel back to the London of 1835. You encounter Oliver, an impoverished street urchin of 12 years of age. For some reason, you’ve decided to explain to him what the Internet is. How do you proceed? Comedian and graphic designer Doogie Howser created a flowchart to illustrate your [...]

Our Favorite Quizzes: Doogie Howser’s Diary or Random Twitter Update?

For the rest of 2009, we’ll be counting down the year’s most popular quizzes in the Lunchtime Quiz slot. Then each day at 5pm, one of our regular quizmasters will be sharing his or her favorite quiz from 2009 (provided that quiz wasn’t on the Top 10). Here’s one I particularly enjoyed. Doogie Howser has [...]