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Amazingly Detailed Doodles

These drawings of Roman sculptures are comprised of thousands of tiny doodles that make up all the details. Be sure to click on the link to check out the details that make up these great artworks. Link Via BuzzFeed

Where the Dinosaurs Hid

Not for a long time, anyway! Ben Warheit doodles on Post-it Notes. The results are strange and funny observations on life and how life might be with a bit of a twist. This prehistorical scene is one of many that made me giggle. Check them all out at Ben’s newly relaunched site, I’m Ben Warheit. [...]


What if the characters from Star Wars invaded the super hero world of Batman? Graphic design student Luca Lago, who has a blog full of imaginative doodles, drew each character as a bat-hero. Link -via Buzzfeed

Google UFO doodles are H.G. Wells tribute

Google’s recent UFO themed doodles have been revealed as a tribute to H.G. Wells, the pioneering author who penned classic science fiction novels …