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The Hungry Games

Excited about seeing the Hunger Games? Neatoramanaut Donovan Santiago noticed distinct similarities between a plate of food and Katniss’ mockingjay pin, and came up with this clever The [...]

Why Steal When You Can Pun?

It may be the lowest form of humor, but we all like a good pun anyway! This Twaggie was illustrated by Donovan Santiago from a Tweet by @thesulk. You can buy a print or a t-shirt with this design. Link

I Was a Teenage Monster Movie

In the late 1950s, teenage culture was big business-Elvis, James Dean, and rock’n’roll were bringing in the bucks. That’s when (not so coincidentally) a brand new kind of exploitation film appeared-the teenage monster movie. Today it’s just a cliche, but “I Was a Teenage… (fill in the blank)” was hot stuff for a while. Here’s [...]

History of the U.S.: The Wizard of OSS

At FDR’s request, Major General William Joseph Donovan formed the Office of Strategic Services (OSS) at the height of World War II. Prior to WWII, American intelligence work was conducted by a number of different organizations that didn’t coordinate their activities, including divisions of the State Department, Treasury, and the Navy and War departments.Beginning in [...]

Growing Up Heroes

Superman and Batman (1977) Growing up Heroes is a fascinating tumblr blog by Belgian comic book fan Franz Donovan, where people submit their old childhood photos of themselves dressed up as superheroes. From Wired’s Underwire Blog: Donovan pictures his online scrapbook as an exercise in nostalgia. “Growing Up Heroes brings back vivid memories of our own attempts [...]

The Late Movies: 9 Low-Budget “Classic Alternative” Music Videos

I grew up watching 120 Minutes, an MTV show that aired starting at midnight on Sunday night. This made waking up for school on Monday morning hard, but at least I got to catch the newest “alternative” videos (The Cure, The Replacements, The Breeders, that sort of thing) which rarely aired in the normal MTV [...]