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Scrooge McDuck Died in 1967 (and Other Animated Duck Facts)

45 years ago, Scrooge McDuck passed away at the age of 100. “But what about Duck Tales?” you ask. Well, so did Robyn Penacchia at Death+Taxes, who also had a few other questions: To this day, I am still confused about the fact that, in this town of anthropomorphic ducks (Duckburg, duh), there were non-anthropomorphic ducks that the [...]

4 Ridiculous Space Accidents (Where Everyone Survived)

From wolves to lightning strikes, even the most well-planned space flights are often plagued by ridiculous accidents. Sometimes lots of them all in a row. And even more unbelievably, sometimes everyone involved lives. 1. Voskhod 2 Getty Images In the 1960s the Soviets took a great leap forward in the space race when they sent Voskhod 2 into [...]

11 Things You Might Not Know About Winnie the Pooh

Did you know today is Winnie the Pooh Day in honor of his creator, A.A. Milne’s birthday? If Mr. Milne were still alive today, he’d be turning 130 and he would no doubt be honored to see that his creation is still bringing joy to children to this day. In honor of Milne and his [...]

The Man Who Draws in His Sleep

Back in 2008, Alex reported on Lee Hadwin, an artist who only draws in his sleep. Hadwin’s had a bit of success since then, selling pieces for up to “six figures” and even one to The Donald himself. While there are countless documented cases of sleep-walking, this is the first known case of sleep-drawing. Hadwin got [...]

How Cryptic: 4 Famous Unsolved Ciphers and Codes

People love a good mystery, and few things are more mysterious than a long-unsolved code. Here are the stories of four ciphers and codes we’ve been unable to crack. 1. The Shugborough Inscription Letters carved into Shepherd’s Monument at Shugborough Hall in the mid-1700s, commissioned by Thomas and Admiral George Anson, continue to ignite the interest of [...]

The Quick 10: 10 Obscure Disney Characters

No doubt you’re familiar with Mickey and Minnie Mouse, Donald Duck and their posse of pen-and-ink pals. They all have incredibly complicated (and sometimes contradicting) backstories involving rarely-seen relations who pop up when it’s convenient to a comic strip plot. Here are 10 little-known Disney characters you’re probably never going to find signing autographs at [...]

The Late Movies: Disney Propaganda Cartoons

During World War II, Disney created propaganda for the US government. The cartoons dealt with subjects as varied as income taxes, the daily life of Nazis, and military tactics. I’ve collected a sampling of the cartoons below, for your viewing pleasure and amazement — be warned, some are pretty weird, and many contain offensive racial [...]

Learn Math With Donald Duck

Donald in Mathmagic Land was produced by Disney in 1959 to educate kids about math. After its theatrical release (and nomination for an Academy Award), the film was distributed to schools, and apparently children of the 60′s learned some math from this trippy cartoon. I’d never heard of it until a friend posted a link [...]

The Continuing Adventures of Black Stormtrooper

(YouTube link) Scrubs alumn Donald Faison loves Star Wars. Don’t we all? He also produces awesome stop-motion LEGO animation shorts. Don’t we all? Uh, no actually. Like many younger actors in Hollywood, Faison has been quite open about his love for Star Wars. But unlike most of his peers who talk a good talk (or wear the [...]

Yoshi Mech

Donald, an electrical engineer in El Paso, Texas, made this mech inspired by Yoshi from Super Mario Bros. You can see more pictures at the link, as well as similar past projects at his website. Link via DVICE | Artist’s Website