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Domo Costume

Domo Costume – $59.95 Halloween is right around the corner! Are you ready to get your Domo on?  Now with the Domo Costume from the NeatoShop you can pay homage to your favorite apple hating monster. The best part of dressing up like Domo? When you fart in public you can tell people it’s all part [...]

How Much Data is Created Every Minute

The web is a busy place, and to tell us exactly how busy, Josh James of Domo shows us this infographic of how much data is created every minute on the Interweb: Link  

Domo Bunny Rabbit

Domo Bunny Rabbit – $19.95 A tisket, a tasket you need a Domo Bunny Rabbit in your Easter Basket. That’s right folks, for a limited time, you can get your very own Domo Bunny Rabbit from the NeatoShop. This adorable plush Domo in a rabbit costume will have you hopping with joy. Be sure to check out [...]

Valentine’s Domo

Valentine’s Domo – $12.95 This Valentine’s Day give your fresh smelling, apple hating sweetheart the Valentine’s Domo from the NeatoShop. No, we aren’t suggesting that the one you love has a small flatulence problem.  Nor are we saying that your pookiebear might appear slightly frightening to people who don’t know him or her. We are merely [...]

Domo Tin Lunch Box

Domo Tin Lunch Box – $11.95 Do you love Domo? Now with the Domo Tin Lunch Box from the NeatoShop you can take Domo on the go. Fill up this great little box with a snack or just some of your favorite things.   You can even fill it with several small apples, but we don’t [...]

Domo with Braces

Domo With Braces – $10.95 Even adorable farting monsters want straight teeth. Don’t believe me? Check out the Domo With Braces plush toy from the NeatoShop. Hmmm … I wonder if he has to sleep in orthodontic headgear? Be sure to check out the NeatoShop for more fabulous Plush Toys. Link

Domo Playing Cards

Domo Playing Cards – $5.95 Attention Domo fans. Be hold the adorable Domo Playing Cards from the NeatoShop. These cards probably won’t make you a better poker player, but they will help you get in touch with your inner Domo. A WARNING TO THOSE WHO HAVE HARNESSED THEIR INNER DOMO: Please avoid nervously passing gas during the [...]