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A Journey Around the World in Dominoes

(YouTube link) This domino event visits every corner of the world, recreating flags, landmarks, and icons of different nations. It looks like a pretty impressiv but standard topple you see at world-class domino events, until you get to about 90 seconds in, and see the huge wall of dominoes slowly falling. You have to think about [...]

Starry Night by Vincent Van Dominogh

(YouTube link) Domino artist FlippyCat recreated the iconic Van Gogh painting Starry Night in dominoes -7,000 of them! Watching the build process is a real treat, although I’m glad it was sped up. As a bonus, we get to see a bit of the clean up and some outtakes as well. -via Buzzfeed

Domino Chain Reaction

(Video Link) A falling domino releases enough stored energy to tip over another domino about 50% larger than itself. Dr. Stephen W. Morris of the University of Toronto illustrates this by using a 5 millimeter high domino to knock over a 1 meter high domino. There are 13 dominoes in Dr. Morris’s line. If he had [...]

Geekiest Google Moog Doodle Performance Ever!

[YouTube Clip] Remember the Moog doodle that Google put up to honor synthesizer pioneer Robert Moog? Wired’s Underwire blog has a round up of the geekiest cover tunes recorded [...]

Domino’s Pizza’s Newest Branch: on the Moon!

Astronauts get hungry too, and they can’t all eat Astronaut Ice Cream Sandwich and drink Tang all the time. Thankfully, there’s Domino’s Pizza newest planned expansion: The company’s Japanese arm has launched a [...]

Domino’s plans pizza restaurant on the Moon

Domino’s pizza has claimed it is planning to build a restaurant on the surface of the Moon. The ambitious concept follows on from Pizza Hut’s delivery…

Stories Behind Brand Mascots of Yore

Remember the Domino Pizza bringing back the Noid story we covered on Neatorama yesterday? Well, Caroline Stanley of Flavorwire got nostalgic about other popular brand mascots from her childhood and decided to rediscover fun facts from the likes of Count Chocula, the Snuggle bear, and so on. Take, for instance, the California Raisins: According to legend, these [...]

The Noid is Back!

Looks like Domino’s is capitalizing on the trend of revitalizing ’80s and ’90s ad campaigns and programming, because the Noid is back! (Remember when he had his own video game?) If you like Domino’s on Facebook, you can play their Noid shootout game and receive a coupon for a free pizza if you’re the high [...]

Dominos Does It Again

A while ago, I posted an article about someone requesting a picture of Yoda riding a tauntaun in the “special instructions” section of Domino’s online ordering form. Well, they’ve done it again as you can see in this great pic where they’ve drawn a unicorn with the wrong scale. Link

Domino Pyramid

(YouTube link) This guy set out to build the biggest domino pyramid ever, with 13,482 dominoes. He spent five weeks, or 30 hours of work, and stacked 13,043 of the dominoes when the unthinkable happened. -via the Presurfer