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Tortoise MMA

(Video Link) In an arena in Amsterdam, two testudinal combatants battle for dominance. Their moves are so fast that if you blink, you miss the takedown. -via Yababoon

The Manliness Rap Battle

(YouTube link) Even in modern-day Suburbia, a human male’s instinct to assert dominance can pop up when you least expect it. Rhett and Link demonstrate an episode of one-upmanship in rap form. -via Irene’s Internet

Tevatron atom smasher closes down

Fermilab’s Tevatron particle accelerator has been shut down after 30 years of research and discoveries. The closure is mainly due to the dominance of …

Why Can’t We Walk in a Straight Line?

(vimeo link) If we don’t have visual cues to guide us, people tend to walk in circles. Many theories have been put forth for why this is so, but experiments that control for variables such as right-handedness, brain-side dominance, and more strength on one side come up with the same results: we tend to go in [...]