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There’s a Little Bit of Belgium in Every U.S. Dollar Bill

by Albena Shkodrova/Latitude News Antoine Vervaeke with pallets of flax. Image credit: Albena Shkodrova Dollars probably matter more to Antoine Vervaeke than any other person in Europe. Vervaeke’s company provides the linen fibers — flax — that go into the U.S. dollar bill. It’s a deal that’s been in place since 1962, when Vervaeke’s father signed a [...]

What Happens When Your Money Dies

With all this talk of debt, currency devaluation, plummeting markets and creditworthiness, I’ve lately had visions dancing in my head of dollar bills being flushed down toilets and fed through shredders. Which got me wondering: what happens to our money — our actual, physical money — when it gets worn out? Turns out, some bills [...]

‘Swamp monster’ threatens rail project

A multi-billion dollar railway tunnel project is in doubt over land patrolled by a swamp monster. The local Maori have protested the development of th…

Super Mario Bros. Dollar

Doryan of Eyes of a Brownie decorated this dollar bill in a Super Mario Bros. theme. What, did you think that we were still using gold coins? Shoot, it’s not even backed up by gold coins anymore. Link -via The Mary Sue

$1 Billion That Nobody Wants

The U.S. Mint is manufacturing, and will continue to manufacture, one dollar coins that just pile up in the Federal Reserve because no one wants to use them. They’ve already stockpiled over a billion dollars in coins, and may reach two billion! In 2005, Congress decided that a new series of dollar coins should be minted [...]

Make Your Franklin

The one hundred dollar bill as we know it has been around for a while. Even with official redesigns, they always seem to turn out somewhat boring. That’s why this gallery of “Franklins” makes it exciting to see what the public would do if they had a crack at creating our cash. At the link [...]

The Origin of Symbols

You know what these symbols mean, but do you know where they came from? The peace symbol, the dollar sign, the medical snakes, the smiley face, and others are in the spotlight, so to speak, at Dark Roasted Blend. Link

Banknote Vignettes

Before the dollar bill we all know and use today, paper money in the United States used to have amazingly detailed art called banknote vignettes (they’re detailed not necessarily for the sake of art, but mainly for security measures by making them harder to counterfeit). BibliOdyssey has many wonderful examples of these banknotes vignettes, though my [...]

History of the U.S.: $ymbol Minded

How did the word “dollar” come to be represented by “$”— a symbol with no apparent connection to any of the letters in dollar? After the Revolution, the Founding Fathers were determined to dump the vestiges of British rule, including currency based on pounds, shillings, and pence. Instead of inventing a whole new system, however, they [...]

Funny Money: Unusual and Fascinating Currency

Dark Roasted Blend takes a look at artful and unusual bank notes from around the world, past and present. You thought Zimbabwe’s inflation was outrageous when they issued the 100 billion dollar notes? Now they have 100 trillion dollar notes! That kind of hyperinflation is not new, as you’ll see in this post. Link