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Girl obsessed with looking like ‘living doll’

15-year-old British girl Venus Palermo has an usual obsession with dressing up like a doll. Powder, light pink eyeshadow, mascara, lip liner and gloss…

Is Mexico An Inherently Racist Society?

In 1940, psychologists Kenneth and Mamie Clark performed the groundbreaking "doll experiments" study on children’s attitudes on race using white and black dolls (the study was repeated in 2005 and documented by Kiri [...]

Zombie Attack Barbie

If there’s a Barbie doll for all occasions, why not one that fights zombies? Zombie Attack Barbie is a design by Sarah Anne Langton. Link -via Laughing Squid

Edward Gorey’s The Black Doll

Edward Gorey’s The Black Doll - $44.95 Edward Gorey fans will be excited to learn that a small number of the highly collectible limited edition Edward Gorey’s The Black Doll are now available at the NeatoShop. A life-long friend of Edward Gorey’s made The Black Doll for him in 1942.  Gorey visited her while she was [...]

House-in-a-House Concept for New Homes

Just in time for the boomerang kids and aging parents, homebuilder Lennar is unveiling a new concept for Baby Boomers looking to buy a new house: a house-within-a-house. Alejandro Lazo of the Los Angeles Times [...]

Bebop Taxidermied Boar Head

If you already have the parts and you’ve always wanted a real life Bebop doll, then why not go ahead and convert your taxidermied boar head like Darick Maasen did? Link Via Geeks Are Sexy

Bob Ross Amigurumi Doll

If you miss watching him paint little happy trees, then you can always make your own Bob Ross doll to paint tiny masterpieces on your desktop. At least, that’s what Allison Hoffman of Crafty is Cool did. Link Via Craftzine

History, Celebrity, and Literary Dolls

Debbie Ritter at Uneek Doll Designs captures real people in doll form in a way in which anyone would recognize them. Each is hand-painted one at a time, and the selection is incredible! Where else could you get a doll that looks like Percy Shelley or Willie Nelson or Teddy Roosevelt? Pictured here are Thomas [...]

The Nazi Sex Doll Initiative

It appears the Third Reich pioneered one of the weirder sides of human sexuality—catering to the need of lonely men to have intercourse with inflatable playthings. According to Mussolini’s Barber, a new book by Graeme Donald documenting bizarre episodes from military history, the Nazi sex doll project was launched in response to concerns that German soldiers [...]

Human Cloning in Plastic

How would you like to have a doll action figure with your own face? Danny Choo goes through the process of becoming a plastic clone at Clone Factory in Japan to show you how it’s done, from the photography to the 3D printing to the finished doll. You can have one made, too, for the [...]