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Getting a Deer off the Road

(YouTube link) Deputy Ryan Swartz of Huron County, Michigan responded to a call about a car hitting a deer Friday night. The small doe just stood there dazed, like a deer in the headlights… well, not like, because that’s exactly what she was. Swartz got out of his car to shoo the animal off the road [...]

Seeking ET beyond the radio silence

Some scientists believe the key to finding extraterrestrial life is to search in our own back yard. In addition to always looking skyward, as SETI doe…

5 Questions: Animal Genders V

Doe!! It’s the last in this week’s series of multiple-choice 5 Questions quizzes: Animal Genders V

SkyMall Remade For Dogs

With all the preposterous pet items in SkyMall, it’s easy to wonder just how the catalog would look to a pup who could read. I think Funny Or Doe has done a great job at interpreting the catalog as a dog would see it. Link Via Laughing Squid