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A Crack in the (Apartment) Universe

The roommate of the blogger behind Doctor Who Overdose built a simulation of the cracks in the Universe from which the Doctor thankfully saved us. Silence will fall when s/he uses it as a nightlight. Link

Doctor Who Goes to Broadway

(Video Link) I would definitely go see this musical -particularly because The Doctor seems to be based on David Tennant’s version and he’s my favorite. Via I Can Has Cheezburger

Cute Dogs, Doctor Who and Halloween!!! It’s a Geek Trifecta!

Just like the Doctor, these guys regenerate into different breeds with different personalities. Link

Are They Still Cool When They’re On Feet?

I desperately hope the next Doctor will be a female, but in the meanwhile, at least I can imagine myself as Matt Smith’s version with these awesome shoes. Link

I’m Wearing Aprons Now. Aprons Are Cool.

Allons-y bakers, thanks to Etsy seller Darling Amy you can now dress up like your favorite geek characters -including the Eleventh Doctor, the Tenth Doctor, Pikachu, Lumpy Space Princess and more. Heck, I think I should start baking more just so I can justify the cost of this great apron! Link

Doctor Who Plush Bunnies

The Doctor bunny, Donna bunny and Rose bunny are ready for another adventure. Etsy seller Catherine Boucher crafted these plushes as well as others featuring characters from Game of Thrones and Harry Potter. Link -via The Mary Sue

Dalek Appears At MIT

A few years ago, the Doctor and his TARDIS appeared at MIT, so it was only a matter of time before his arch-rivals showed up as well. Hopefully the Doctor can return in time to stop whatever diabolical plot they have been working on. Link Via io9

Brilliant Clockwork Android Doctor Who Costume

To be fair, it’s the wrong doctor for the “The Girl in the Fireplace” episode, but it’s still an amazing costume set. The picture was posted on Reddit and eventually the creator even came forward with pictures of the costume itself being created. They aren’t detailed enough to serve as a how-to, but they’re good [...]

On the Next Episode of Doctor Woof

There’s talk that the next regeneration of the Doctor will turn him into a woman. That’s just a smokescreen. DeviantART member lisacub has leaked what Steven Moffat is really planning. Link -via The Uniblogger

Getting To Know The Actors Who Played The Doctor

You might know all about the show, but what do you know of the men who played the Doctor? If you want to increase your knowledge of the subject, then don’t miss this great Mental Floss article filled with fascinating trivia on the actors and the show. Personally, I didn’t know the story of how [...]