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Do DNA tests prove Bigfoot exists ?

Veterinarian Melba S. Ketchum believes it does after a 5 year study using over 100 alleged DNA samples Working as part of Texas-based firm DNA Diagnos…

Identical Twins Not Genetically Identical

Photo: Dave Banks/Flickr – via Geeks Are Sexy You’d be forgiven to think that identical twins have the same DNA. After all, that’s part of the plot [...]

DNA can’t be recovered from dinosaurs

Dinosaur cloning might never be possible as DNA is found to have a half-life of only 521 years. For a long time researchers have been investigating th…

Job Swapping Changes Honeybee DNA

Honeybees in a hive have fairly identical genes. The queen is the mother, a very few drones are the fathers, and those drones are closely related to each other anyway. But “epigenetic” changes in the DNA, those that switch genes on or off chemically, differ among bees that do different jobs. And bees can change [...]

Face Genes Control Human Facial Shape

What did the suspect look like? With the discovery of five genes involved in facial form, perhaps one day the police won’t need eyewitnesses or surveillance cameras – all they’d need is a little bit of DNA: Lead author Manfred Kayser from [...]

Junk DNA Actually Not Junk

You’d be surprised to learn that 98% of human DNA actually don’t encode for anything. Some bits and parts act as gene regulators and switches, but for the most part, they’re just there because they’re there. In 1972, [...]

Could Identical Twins Get Away With Murder?

What happens when a crime is committed and the suspect blames it on an identical twin? The fact that they look alike throws a monkey wrench into eyewitness accounts, and their DNA is identical, too. Often such cases -and there are plenty of real-life cases- end up with no one convicted. But that might change [...]

DNA could unlock ‘Elephant Man’ mystery

Scientists are planning to extract DNA from Joseph Merrick’s skeleton in an attempt to diagnose him. It has been over a century since Merrick died age…

Genetic evidence of human ’sister’ species?

Researchers believe they have uncovered DNA evidence of an unknown sister species of human. The discovery was made by scientists analyzing the DNA of …

DNA Sans Font

Say it with love … and DNA! Researchers from Harvard Medical School have made letters and wingdings out of DNA. Each one of the letter above is made from a single strand of the genetic material: Each strand is unique, and folds [...]