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DIY Death Star Tree Topper

Photo: Offbeat Home Are you a DIY nut, a Star Wars lover, and of the Christmas persuasion? Then you will love this DIY Death Star Holiday Tree Topper. Honestly after reading the instructions, it’s not all that hard. You just need some black acrylic paint, painter’s tape, glue, glitter, and a plastic round ornament thing. Check out [...]

A Bunch Of Fun DIY Projects For The Long Weekend Ahead

If the idea of a three day weekend with nothing to do seems like torture via boredom then take a gander at these neat DIY projects and get to building! You might not be able to build an entire TARDIS from scratch in three days, unless you have some serious carpentry skills, but a Star Trek [...]

DIY Soda Bottle Jetback

Moosie of Been There, Pinned That made this awesome DIY jetpack out of soda bottles. The crepe paper strips as flames is a nice touch: Link – via That’s Nerdalicious

Show Your Classic Style With This DIY Wooden Boombox

For all you DIY enthusiasts who also happen to remember when boomboxes ruled the sidewalks, the creator of this masterpiece Matt Keeter has posted patterns and instructions on how you can make your own wooden boombox and bring sexy back. For a cost of about $100, and a few hours of your time, you too can [...]

Star Trek DIY Talk Bubble Mighty Wallet

Star Trek DIY Talk Bubble Mighty Wallet – $14.95 Do you find yourself to be extremely witty? Are you a hardcore Star Trek fan? Are you looking for an easy way to combine and show off these wonderful qualities? You need the Star Trek DIY Talk Bubble Mighty Wallet from the NeatoShop. Being clever and stylish [...]

Laser-Guided Slingshot

We’ve previously featured the clever gadgets of Kipkay, including his DIY Laser Pointer, his DIY Star Trek Phaser, and his Potato Gatling Gun. One of his latest projects was a slingshot with a laser sighting system. He used a 6 mm laser diode powered by two AA batteries. At the link, you can watch a [...]

DIY Vasectomy Magnet Set

DIY Vasectomy Magnet Set – $10.95 All it takes is a steady hand, and a mere few dollars to get yourself this handy dandy DIY Vasectomy fridge magnet set from the NeatoShop! Link | More Fun and Unusual Magnets| New Items from the NeatoShop

Top 14 Fabulous DIY Castles

“Each of these 14 castles were constructed primarily as the DIY work of one man, except for perhaps a few family members or friends who also didn’t know jack but pitched in. Sometimes not knowing jack comes back to bite us, while sometimes the drive and desire to attain the dream is aided by not [...]

Wonderful Altoids Hacks

Oobject rounded up some of the best Altoids tin hacks from around the Web. From cameras to flashlights to headphone amps, nothing is safe from the DIY community! The almighty Altoids tin has been torn apart, beat to death and drilled upon all in the name of science. DIY enthusiasts can attest to the solid build [...]