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7 Ways to Divorce-Proof Your Marriage (Statistically Speaking)

While these certainly aren’t guaranteed (please don’t cite us in your divorce petition), here are some things science says will make you less likely to get divorced. Cake image via Shutterstock 1. Quit Smoking A study published in 2010 (PDF here) found that if only one partner smoked, it caused more marital problems than differing religions, different backgrounds, [...]

The Divorce Hotel

You can get a quickie wedding, so why not a quickie divorce? That’s the logic behind the Divorce Hotel, where you can check in as a couple, and check out in two days as [...]

Divorce Hotel

Divorce Hotel is not a particular place, but a service available to splitting couples in the Netherlands, in which they can go to a hotel for three days to work out an agreement. It’s the brainchild of Jim Halfens, who is not a lawyer. Couples thinking about going through the Divorce Hotel process have to start [...]

Divorce Ring

With this ring, I thee wed …. and with this one, I thee … divorce? That’s right – jewelers Spritzer and Furman created this symbolic ring to commemorate the ending of a marriage. At $3,200 it’s a cheap price [...]

Lawyer Disbarred for Addiction to Video Games

  Mathew Eshelman, a Pennsylvania lawyer has been disbarred due to his gaming obsession. He started screwing up the real life game of the criminal justice system so he could continue his non stop gamming even when he started his own practice. What video games would you risk getting fired from your job just to play? In the end he was found to [...]

Man Forced to Sell Camaro on eBay, Offers Lengthy Comparison of Car and Soon-to-Be Ex-Wife

wyliewalcyzkracing doesn’t go into much detail, but he links the loss of his beloved Chevrolet Camaro with his upcoming divorce. This is tragic because the car, he asserts, has superior features and performance to his wife. He goes into great detail on this point: Read the rest of his comparison at the link. Link -via MArooned

The Quick 9: 9 Awkward Places to Get Served

Getting served with divorce papers or lawsuits is never fun, but let’s face it – opening your front door and accepting an envelope is a lot less embarrassing than dealing with someone running out and handing you a sheaf of paper in front of your adoring fans at Wrigley Field. Here are 10 less-than-ideal places [...]

Have a Daughter? Get a Prenup!

A new study shows that couples with first-born daughters are 5% more likely to divorce than those who don’t, and the statistic shoots up to 10% in families who have three or more daughters. Now that the numbers are in place, psychologists are hotly debating why families with boys have fewer occurrences of divorce. Some researchers [...]

UK Store Offers Divorce Registry

Did your ex got your favorite tea kettle and plush Egyptian cotton towels in the divorce? Not to worry, now you can head down to Debenhams department store and register for some more. Go ahead and add lots of stuff to your divorce gift registry. Hopefully all those family members who said it wouldn’t last [...]

10 Bizarre Divorce Settlements

Divorce is almost always a messy business, but certain settlements between former beloveds end up being downright absurd. Forget child custody, what happens when a couple has shared possession of a goat? Have a look at 10 examples of offbeat divorce settlements. 1. Now That’s a Breakup Record Marvin Gaye was a tremendous singer, but he [...]