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Baltic anomaly ’shuts down electronics’

Divers investigating the Baltic Sea anomaly are claiming that it is intefering with their equipment. The Ocean X team have been attempting to determin…

Baltic ‘UFO’ anomaly update

Divers investigating the anomalous circular object on the Baltic sea floor have found something unusual. The object which was discovered last year by …

2,000-year-old Pills

In 1989, a shipwreck from about 130 B.C. was discovered. Divers retrieved dishes and other artifacts. One surprising discovery was a chest of vials and containers with tablets in them, some still dry! Evolutionary geneticist Robert Fleischer said they were made of compressed vegetation. “It was assumed the pills were medicines that the physicians were using. [...]

World’s oldest beer recovered from shipwreck

Divers have recovered what’s thought to be the world’s oldest beer from a 200-year-old shipwreck in the Baltic Sea.The find was made as researchers recovered drinkable Champagne from a Russian cargo ship which crashed in the 1780s.The divers say they were surprised to find a handful of beer bottles during the salvage operation near the [...]