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Rats Free Trapped Labmates: Is Empathy Universal to Animals?

Do rats have empathy? A new study hinted that empathy isn’t unique to humans and a few smart mammals, but may actually be a universal trait in the animal kingdom: “Rats help other rats in [...]

Emergency Beacon with Scrunchable Antenna Can be Sewn into Clothes

Getting lost may be getting harder to do with this new scrunchable, stretchable and water-resistant antenna that can be sewn into your clothes: It’s meant for life vests worn in the water, and connects [...]

Mother Hen Feels Chicks Distress

Ever hear someone being called a mother hen for being worried and overprotective? That expression may turn out to be quite fitting as scientists have now discovered that a hen shows empathy if she saw her chicks in distress: To simulate this stress, the researchers exposed hens and chicks to puffs of air (as from a [...]