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Bygone Olympic Event: Distance Plunging

At the 1904 Olympics in St. Louis, competitors took part in a water event called the distance plunge. That was the only year it was part of the games. The event required athletes to dive into the pool and coast underwater without moving their limbs. After 60 seconds had passed – or competitors had floated to [...]

Kamigamo Shrine Distance Illusion

In this Kamigamo Shrine Distance Illusion, Ritsumeikan University professor of psychology (and master optical illusionist) Akiyoshi Kitaoka asks: what is the middle point between A and B? X, Y or Z? Link 

Rare ‘white’ black bear captured on camera

A rare white North American black bear was spotted recently in British Columbia, its only known habitat. From a distance the white North American blac…

Follow the Butterflies

(YouTube link) Obviously recorded from some distance away, these otters are chasing a butterfly. I get the idea that they really aren’t trying to catch it, just keep it in their sights. And stay with the group. -via Arbroath

Kepler finds alien planet in Goldilocks zone

Kepler-22b is at just the right distance from its star for liquid water to exist on its surface. It is one of the most tantalising and promising plane…

Huge Portrait of Martin Luther King, Jr. Made from 4,242 Rubik’s Cubes

It may look like a painting from a distance, but Pete Fecteau’s mosaic is actually more than four thousand carefully arranged Rubik’s Cubes. His appropriately named “Dream Big” project took a year to complete, but it looks like that was time well-spent. Link -via DVICE | Photo: Paul L. Newby II

5 Questions: Units of Distance

How far will you go with today’s multiple-choice 5 Questions quiz? Units of Distance

Spies Like Us: Spying without Spies

The alternatives to HUMINT, or human intelligence, include remote sensors that do the spy’s work, but from a distance. The names given to these type of sensors are COMINT, or communications intelligence, SIGINT, signals, ELINT or electronic and IMINT or imagery intelligence. Of all these cool-sounding approaches to spying without spies, IMINT is perhaps the [...]

Ranger Robot Walks 40.5-miles on a Single Charge

The students and faculty at Cornell’s Biorobotics and Locomotion lab constructed the weird looking robot you see here dubbed Ranger. The bot set a new distance record for walking 40.5-miles on a single battery with a single charge. It took Ranger 30 hours, 49 minutes, and 2 seconds to walk that distance to take the [...]

Cigarette Ash Landscape

From a distance, Yang Yongliang’s sculpture looks like a large, upside down cigarette. But a close inspection shows that the ashen tip depicts a city. As you can see in the other photos at the link, below the cigarette is a pile of ash in a field of wildflowers. Link via Dude Craft | Photo: Yang [...]