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Angry Face Spatula Turner

Angry Face Spatula Turner – $5.95 Do you hate to cook? You need a spatula that reflects your displeasure with the task. Get the Angry Face Spatula Turner from the NeatoShop. This flexibile nylon kitchen tool is perfect for cooking meals against your will. Smiley Face Spatula Turner also available. Be sure to check out the NeatoShop for [...]

‘Wine snub ghost’ haunts UK pub

A ghost nicknamed Corky has been allegedly smashing wine bottles to show displeasure with the selection. The pub is built on a 17th century hanging gr…

Netflix Envelope Art

Finally, a brilliant way to satifsy your creative urges and entertain the people at Netflix who have to process all of the returns. And what better way to express your displeasure over the movie? The folks over at Doodlers Anonymous have been gathering photos of Netflix envelopes that have been improved upon. You can still [...]