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Comet Ison will be ‘brighter than the Moon’

A comet due to pass close to the Earth in 2013 is expected to provide a rare and spectacular display. The comet was only recently discovered by two Ru…

Back to School Supplies

It’s not clear whether this store display is aimed toward parents or college students, but it must have been a deliberate joke. This picture is from a compilation of funny back to school signs that include, but are not limited to, hilarious educational misspellings. Link -via Buzzfeed

Almost 5,000 Flip Flops Wash Ashore On Chili Beach

In an epic display of environmental cleanup, volunteers gathered almost 5,000 flip flops (thongs to Australians) that had washed up on the shore of Cape York’s Chili Beach in Queensland. It took marine conservation group Tangaroa Blue Foundation nearly a week to clean up the entire beach, and flip flops weren’t the only things gathered, although [...]

The Late Movies: Fireworks Around the World

The celebrate Independence Day in the US, I’ve collected fireworks displays from around the world. Can’t find a good fireworks show in your neighborhood? Just make these fullscreen and crank up the speakers. New Year’s Day 2012 – London BBC One’s coverage of the fireworks display in London for New Year’s 2012, complete with an [...]

UFO filmed at air show in Chile

A strange fast-moving object is seen in the background during an acrobatic display at an air show. The footage taken at El Bosque Air Force Base promp…

The Fastest Way to a Man’s Heart Is through His Ribcage

Dawn Rogal insists that she is happily married. I decline to dispute it. She kept this piece of embroidery on display at her shop, but, strangely, it seems to have offended people there. Link -via Colossal

Apathetic Christmas Lights

Yeah, we could put up some pretty light display this year. But why bother? It’s a lot of work, and for what? Joe in Tuscaloosa, Alabama spotted this expression of apathy in his neighborhood. Link -via Blame It on the Voices

The Strange Statues In Frogner Park

Sculptors often express themselves in strange and mysterious ways, but most sculptors don’t have their works on display in a public park. Frogner Park in Oslo, Norway has chosen an odd assortment of statues to fill their park, 23 works that center around nude forms in weird poses doing who knows what to each other (nothing [...]

LEGO Angry Birds

LEGO always brings a lighter tone to gory, violent video games. This display was made by Tony Sava for the LUG Showcase display at a mall in Texas. Link -Thanks, Christopher Jobson!

Rubber Bookshelves

You won’t need bookends with these shelves designed by Luke Hart. Just stretch out the silicone until the books fit snugly. They’re on display today in London at the Sculpture House of the London Design Festival. Link -via Colossal