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If Disney Villains Had Won

It seems like fan art is all “Disney, Disney, Disney!” these days, but once in a while a worthy collection of images presents itself, like this series by Justin Turrentine that imagines what the ending of popular Disney movies would have looked like if the villains had won. Cruella gets her spotted coat, Ursula has one [...]

Minimalist Disney Movie Posters

Liverpool artist Rowan Stocks-Moore created a series of beautiful posters of classic Disney movies, most with some kind of optical illusion included. See ten of them at TQS magazine. Link -via Metafilter

Walt Disney’s Sin City

(Video Link) I wondered “How is he going to handle Nancy Callahan?” With a clip from The Great Mouse Detective, which was rather clever. Disney movies now seem to be a bit risqué. -via The Flavorwire

5 Animal Friendships That Belong In A Disney Movie

Did you know snakes and hamsters can be friends? Or cats and crows? Or pigs and tigers? Ok, these friendships might not be common, but the do happen. Cracked has a great list of animal friendships that could make writers of Disney movies feel ashamed of their lack of ingenuity. Link