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Famous People Who Saw UFOs

If you’re having trouble spotting the “5or 6 disk like [sic] shapes” in the photo above, that’s probably because you’ve seen clouds before. But Billy Ray Cyrus was either convinced he was spotting an extraterrestrial meet-and-greet, or trying really hard to maintain his image of being not super-smart. But Mr. Mullet himself isn’t the first [...]

The Ultimate Audio Format War: Records vs. Wax Cylinders

Mac vs PC, VHS vs. Betamax, and Blu-Ray vs. HD DVD are famous format wars, but they’ve got nothing against those fought by Thomas Edison. Here’s one that lasted 20 years: The most famous audio format war was between Thomas Edison and Emile Berliner, both of whom invented competing types of records for the phonograph. Edison [...]

Spitzer Telescope Captures Images of Forming Planet

Image: Artist’s conception of LRLL 31 system, courtesty of NASA/JPL-CatlTech NASA’s Spitzer Telescope spent five months observing LRLL 31, a young star with a ring of materials orbiting it. Astronomers believe that it is in an early stage of planetary formation and that a sizeable lump in the ring system may be a protoplanet: One theory of [...]