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Ice Age bone haul found near Mexico City

Workers have uncovered a significant number of bones belonging to several Ice Age animal species. The discoveries were made at the site of a new waste…

In search of the ‘Wow!’ signal

A mysterious signal picked up by SETI in 1977 has remained one of the most tantalising ever discoveries. Robert Gray and others like him have spent ma…

A Less Official (More Accurate) Comic Con Bingo

Stacy just posted a Comedy Central take on Comic Con Bingo, but personally, as a frequent attendee, I find the Last Gasp Bookstore’s Bingo board to be a little more accurate. So far I’m sill looking for a furry and a klingon, but other than that, all of my squares would be blacked out so [...]

Sea Pancake

Photo: Terry Gosliner, California Academy of Sciences That’s what scientists are calling this newly discovered species of nudibranch off the coast of the Philippines. Take a look at more neat photos of other discoveries over at NatGeo: Link

Is the age of scientific discovery ending?

The limits of the human mind may make future discoveries more and more difficult, warn scientists. As our knowledge of the universe grows so too does …

Glass Frog

No, it’s not really made of glass, but you can see the heart beating inside this frog, one of 30 new species of creatures found in the highlands of Ecuador. See more of the discoveries in a photo gallery at National Geographic. Link -via Metafilter (image credit: Paul S. Hamilton, RAEI)

Atlantis: the continent that Solon sank

Doug Fisher continues his research in to Atlantis with his discoveries indicating that according to Plato the continent of Atlantis was larger tha…