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Circular Graphic Representations Of Over 100 Years Of Sports

Are you looking for a way to boil down over a hundred years of professional sports championships into colorful, disc shaped statistical diagrams? Well, look no further than these exciting and colorful sports stat discs created by Deroy Peraza from Hyperakt. They reduce virtually every sports championship since 1903 into easy to digest colored pie pieces,  and they’re [...]

Paying the Piper a Little Something Extra: A Short History of Payola

© Bettmann/CORBIS Payola became a household word in 1959, thanks to a high-profile trial that made examples of two legendary disc jockeys – Alan Freed and Dick Clark (above). In 1959, Alan Freed, the most popular disc jockey in the country, was fired from his job at WABC after refusing to sign a statement that he’d never [...]

UFO filmed over Kazakhstan

Sightings by numerous witnesses of a strange disc shaped object have taken Kazakhstan by storm. In one segment a reporter is seen talking about the si…

The Compact Disc Turns 29

Today the compact disc turns 29. The first CD was manufactured at a Philips factory in Germany on August 17, 1982. In case it comes up, the first one to roll off the assembly line was The Visitors by ABBA. * * * What was your first CD? (And do you remember the last CD you purchased?) [...]