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You Can Now Buy Soil from Justin Bieber’s Hometown

Shut up and take my money! Ebay seller thatsridonculus offers a vial of dirt from Stratford, Ontario–the hometown of Justin Bieber. It’s now priced at a mere $39.99! And that’s just the beginning. Think of the potential resale value! Link -via Daily of the Day

Gang dig 100ft tunnel to steal £6000

In a bizarre robbery a gang spent six months digging a tunnel to steal money from a cash machine. Digging through the dirt under the street the crimin…

Adult-Sized Sandbox Lets Grown Ups Play with Bulldozers

(Video Link) Did you love playing in sandboxes when you were a kid? It was fun to move dirt around with little toy bulldozers and dump trucks. Now there’s a company in Las Vegas that will let you do it for real. Dig This in Las Vegas invites ordinary, untrained people to move dirt under the [...]

Puppy Robotic Vacuum is So Cute it Sucks

This robotic vacuum concept is so much cuter than the Roomba. This concept is a mother dog that lies around while the pups scurry around the house sucking up dirt and other stuff from your floors. When the puppies are full up on dust and debris, they come back to the mommy dog and nuzzle [...]

Scientists Do It T-Shirts

Archaeologists Do It in the Dirt, design by Chris Murphy – $14.95 Chemists Do It Periodically on a Table Cosmologists Do It in the first 3 Minutes Geologists: Experts in the Art of Subduction Statisticians Do All the Standard Deviations A new addition to our growing line of cheeky Scientists Do It T-Shirts, here’s one for all you [...]