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A World-Class Joke

You may have read the story about the Chinese re-release of the movie Titanic. The nude scene was cut from the 3D version because of fears that Chinese men would reach out and try to grab Kate Winslet’s, um, assets. James Cameron even talked about it on TV. But there was one part of the [...]

James Cameron Explains Titanic’s Sinking

In this short video, Titanic director James Cameron offers color commentary on CGI animation of Titanic sinking, recreating the events of April 14, 1912. This is apparently the most detailed recreation of the sinking ever made. The clip is taken from Titanic: The Final Word With James Cameron, which aired last night on [...]

Richard Branson prepares for deep sea dive

Richard Branson is preparing for a mission to visit the depths of the Atlantic Puerto Rico Trench. Hot on the heels of Titanic director James Cameron …