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Great Historical Moments Captured in Papercraft

Want to relive some of history’s greatest disasters in all their glory but don’t want to deal with the whole death and injury thing? Then check out Disaster Dioramas and their collection of all kinds of historical tragedies as created in papercraft. Soon to come: The Alamo. Link Via BoingBoing

Wooly Dioramas Of Iceland

What natural fiber immediately comes to mind at the mention of Iceland? Why it’s wool, of course! Artist and photographer Eszter Burghardt clearly agrees with the wool-Iceland association, and she was inspired to create this series of wooly dioramas depicting the rugged Icelandic landscape during an artist residence on the island. I love the use of macro [...]

Kenji Sugiyama’s Museums in Pasta Boxes

Big things come in small packages, or in case of Kenji Sugiyama, pasta boxes. The Japanese artist created detailed dioramas of museums inside empty packaging for pasta. Josh Rubin of Cool Hunting has more on Kenji’s [...]

Nine Circles of Hell in LEGO

Photo: mihaimariusmihu/Flickr Abandon all hope (of reaching the same level of awesomeness), ye who see Mihai Mihu LEGO Nine Circles of Hell. The Romanian LEGO sculptor spent 7 months converting Dante’s Inferno brick by [...]

Asimov’s Three Laws of Robotics in LEGO

Science fiction writer Isaac Asimov famously devised three laws that all robots should follow: 1: A robot may not injure a human being or, through inaction, allow a human being to come to harm. 2: A robot must obey the orders given to it by human beings, except where such orders would conflict with the First Law. 3: [...]

Deliciously Adorable Geeky Peeps Dioramas

Time to celebrate Easter with another batch of geeky dioramas starring the most popular fluff candy ever-Peeps! The pieces chosen for this gallery all have massive nerd appeal, so strap on the old feed bag and take a gander at Peeps getting their geek on. Cavities and sugar hangover not included. Link

Diorama Book Carvings

We’ve seen book landscapes before, but there’s so much potential for the concept behind Kyle Kirkpatrick’s carved book dioramas. Imagine a gripping scene from your favorite novel carved into a copy of it. Which scene and which novel would you choose? Link -via Colossal

Nature, as Created by an Artist in His Fish Tank

Between the clouds, the trees, and the stunning rock formations, this landscape seems like a hikers’ paradise. The only problem? Well, unless you happen to have a shrink ray, the closest you could come to hiking these hills is stomping them until they were obliterated. That’s because this lovely setting was actually created by artist Kim [...]

Sci-Fi Peeps Dioramas

The Day The Earth Stood Peeped by Carl Cordell No geeky Easter is complete without a sugary sci-fi diorama made from Peeps! i09 has got you covered – check out their gallery (from the Washington Post’s annual Peep Show): Link Previously on Neatorama: 13 Hilarious Peeps Candy Easter Dioramas