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LEGO Meth Lab

Walter and Jesse from Breaking Bad have work to do, but it’s going to prove really hard to turn plastic into meth. The mysteries of chemistry must deliver them if they wish to live. A friend of redditor garyisyoudotcom made this wonderful LEGO diorama. Link -via Popped Culture

Occupy News Bins

Doc Pop spent seven hours creating this LEGO diorama featuring Lt. Pike pepper-spraying a line of protesting UC Davis students. It was installed in one the many abandoned newspaper bins in San Francisco. Someone removed it less than four hours later, but the photographs remain. Link -via Boing Boing

Harry Potter Diorama by Lori Nix

Diorama artist Lori Nix created this fantastic artwork for Wired about Harry Potter’s last movie. She detailed the process in her blog My 8×10 Life: After we got the green light we headed off to Barnes and Noble in search of hardback Harry Potter books. We then took a ruler and eyed how large the [...]

Peeps of Art and Literature

I posted a roundup of Peeps dioramas called Heaps of Peeps back in 2007 and Peeps Imitate Life in 2009. There are thousands of Peeps scenes and dioramas to enjoy, but I decided this year to focus on art and literature. Why? Because marshmallow chicks and bunnies can be more than Justin Peeper and The [...]

Enormous Logan’s Run LEGO Diorama

LEGO artist Keith Goldman crafted an enormous diorama of scenes from the City of 1976 movie Logan’s Run. Above, a Sandman kills a Runner who’s unwilling to accept Lastday. You can view 15 more pictures at the link. Link via io9

Tron Light Cycles in LEGO

LEGO MOC by 2×4 [Flickr] | Tron Photoset Tron is one of my all time favorite Sci-Fi movies and it’s a pleasure to see that almost three decades later, it’s still inspiring its fans. Here’s a fantastic diorama of the Tron Light cycles scene by Flickr user 2×4 we first spotted over at The Brothers Brick [...]