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10 Unusual Restaurants Found Around the World

When I was growing up in suburban New Jersey, the most unusual thing about any of the restaurants within a 10-mile radius of my neighborhood was that one of them had a free gumball machine in the entry vestibule. Actually, it wasn’t technically free. It was more like the regular kids, like me, knew that [...]

10 Crazy Underwater Events

From pumpkin carving to fine dining to a music festival, you’d be amazed just how much stuff can happen underwater when you get a few expert scuba divers together for a good time. Oddee has a collection of some of the wackiest underwater events to have ever been posted on the web. Link

Hello Kitty Tentacle Chandelier

I can’t imagine a better focal point for a tasteful dining room! Adam Wallacavage, noted for his tentacled chandeliers, made this Hello Kitty variant. It was featured in a themed art show hosted by Sanrio, the company that owns Hello Kitty. Art Show Link -via Hello Kitty Hell | Artist’s Website | Photo: Sanrio

The Ultimate Dining/Pool Table Combo

He wants a pool table but she wants a formal dining table – what’s a couple to do? From the have-your-cake-and-eat-it-too part of furniture design, here’s the dining/pool table from Koraltaruk Bilardo. Walyou has more pics: Link

Automated Dining

I hope I’m not the only person on the planet who cannot understand why dining at one’s home or apartment has to be so complicated. Personally, my favorite meal situation is when I am sitting on a large boulder near timberline looking at chipmunks and pine trees, while eating a sandwich, an orange and a [...]

Swing Table

This chairs in dining room table set by Duffy London are suspended by cables from an upper frame: This design creates an exceptionally divergent dining experience and aesthetic, creating a room within a room, with chairs that hover around the table, it also makes vacuuming a breeze. It cost about $4,680 when the price is converted to [...]

The Fork Art of Matthew Bartik

New York City-based artist Matthew Bartik began bending forks while in dining halls at college. His first formal sculpture, which he created for an art class assignment, was a goldfish aquarium made from forks and glass. But he’s now been able to move out of the cafeteria and is producing fork art full-time. Pictured above [...]

Nero’s Rotating Dining Hall Discovered

Back in 1st century A.D. (or C.E., if it pleases you), the Romans were really starting to crank things up. Things like debauchery, poisoning of rivals, fratricide…basically setting the stage for their own eventual downfall. Of the many Emperors who ruled over this lifestyle, Nero stands out as one of the nastiest. But you gotta give the [...]

Nero’s rotating dining room found

The famous rotating dining room of Roman emperor Nero has been found by archaeologists, the circular chamber is believed to have rotated day and n…