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Donkey Kong Was Only The Beginning…

Digital artist Julien Bazinet has taken the classic arcade game Donkey Kong and recast it with some of pop culture’s most beloved characters, creating simulated screens for an out of this world platformer. Villains like Bane, the Xenomorph Queen and Cookie Monster?! await the hero at the top of the screen in these pixel-tastic homages to [...]

A Pixar Style Version Of Justice League America

Digital artist Daniel Araya created these fun concept art pieces that envision what a Pixar version of DC’s Justice League of America would look like. The characters look like they’d fit right in with The Incredibles, but the fact that Disney owns Marvel Comics means that a DC/Pixar movie is about as likely as a real [...]

The Digital Wonderlands Of Vinicius Costa

Digital artist Vinicius Costa creates some spectacularly colorful art works with his computer, hallucinogenic snapshots of worlds which are full of vibrant life and impossible landscapes. The digital worlds that Vinicius creates are meant to be whimsical fairytale wonderlands, not reproductions of reality, and the brilliant color palette he has chosen perfectly suits the surreal nature [...]

Digital Waterfall

Digital Waterfall in ION Orchard Digital Art – Singapore : Digital Waterfall on wall (in HD) London based design collective Troika created this Digital Waterfall sculpture installation at ION Orchard. It makes use of flip-dot technology to create the illusion of flowing water. The flip-disc display (or flip-dot display) is an electromechanical dot matrix display [...]

The Original LOL Cat?

Digital archivist Jason Scott (creator of BBS: The Documentary) has discovered what might be the first LOL Cat ever. He writes: From the March 1929 issue of Parents’ Magazine, page 73. Someone might call this a LOLcat. Either way, 1920s Nursery Cat Is Watching You Parent. Ha, Ha, Ha, It must be so! Photo by Jason Scott, used [...]