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Feathered Piranha

You really don’t have to worry about most species of piranha. As long as you stay out of the water, they won’t kill you. Now flying piranhas, they’re a different story. Here’s a specimen preserved by taxidermy artist Julien Salaud. They look pretty, but you don’t want one coming up to your bird feeder. Link -via [...]

10 Adorable Japanese School Buses

School buses in America are so boring, but in Japan, it’s a whole different story. InventorSpot has a collection of 10 different buses from the country and I have to say, they are precious. Link

Rainbows in Extreme Storms

We may be used to seeing rainbows during drizzles, but rainbows paired with lightening or tornadoes are a whole different story. When they do arrive together, the effect is both beautiful and unsettling. This amazingly striking photo is a perfect example. It was taken by storm chaser Eric Nguyen, who has sadly passed away, and [...]