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Rainbow Waffles

How do you make these beauties? First, divide your pancake batter into six portions. Add gel coloring to each to produce different colors. Then use piping bags to arrange the colors in the waffle iron. Link -via Foodiggity

Faucet Changes Color with the Water Temperature

HANSA International’s Hansacanyon Faucet has LEDs that light up with different colors based upon the temperature of the water passing through it. Blue is for cold water, violet for lukewarm and red for hot. Link -via Dornob

The Internet Map

No matter how much you zoom out, The Internet Map is bigger than you think. Developed by Ruslan Enikeev, it includes the 350,000 largest sites on the web! I’m pretty sure the different colors represent different languages. Neatorama is the medium-sized blue dot between Boing Boing and Buzzfeed, to the left of reddit. There’s a [...]

This Is a Mosaic Made from 221,184 Sprinkles

Amazing! It may look like a low resolution photograph, but the original image is composed of more than two hundred thousand nonpareils in six different colors. It took Joel Brochu eight months of work with jewelry tweezers. They’re attached to a board with double sided tape and glue. Link -via Dude Craft

Heterochromia in Cats

Heterochromia means eyes that come in two different colors. Complete heterochromia means the color of the left eye is completely different from the color of the right eye. In cats, this most often occurs in white cats or cats that have the white-spotted gene, but can occur in any color of cat. See a collection [...]

840-Barrel Paintball Machine

(Video Link) This commercial for an energy drink features a paintball machine with 840 barrels. It fires a single volley with different colors to produce, in just a second, a image through a stencil. The action starts at 0:35. via This Is Colossal | Previously: Paintball Art

LED Bench

The lighting apparently doesn’t head the bench itself, so it’s probably more comfortable than the keyboard bench or retractable spike bench. Opulent Items sells a bench that can be lit with different colors. It’s weather resistant, but you do have to plug it into an electrical outlet. Link via Technabob | Photo: Opulent Items

Yumbots Robot Cupcake Molds

Yumbots Robot Cupcake Molds – $17.95 These bots are pretty sweet – if you love cupcake and robots, then this is the gift for you: the Yumbots Robot Cupcake Molds from the NeatoShop. Each box includes four molds in four different colors: Link | More Fun and Unusual Cooking Gadgets

Color-Layered Table

Designer Ed Swan made this table layered with different colors of paint. It was put on display at a recent exhibit in London. Visitors were given sandpaper and invited to sand away layers to create patterns and images that they liked. Link via Make | Designer’s Website | Photo: Core77

Snow White Images Made out of Apples

Photo: Prudence Staite Food artist Prudence Staite, previously featured on Neatorama, recently recreated scenes from the movie Snow White using fourteen different types of apples to express different colors, shapes, and textures. The works were commissioned by Disney to promote the film. You can view three more at the link. Link via Urlesque | Artist’s Website