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International Delicacies That Will Leave You Squirming (And Suddenly Not Hungry)

Americans, by global standards, have a pretty bland diet. We’re traditionally unadventurous, at least when compared gastronomically to the rest of the world. Take, for instance, baby mice wine, shown above. Newborn mice are drowned in wine, which is said to impart restorative properties to the body. (Yours, not the mice’s.) I wouldn’t touch it [...]

Last meal found within fossil dinosaur

Clues to the diet of some dinosaurs can be found by analysing fossils for their stomach contents. Sinocalliopteryx gigas was around the size of a wolf…

Peanut Butter and Jelly S’mores

Your diet can wait. These s’mores cannot. Make the right decision and follow Desiree’s recipe at the link. Safety warning: it may be hard to fit the entire s’more in your mouth at once. But as the kids say, YOLO. Link -via Tasteologie

Scientific Weight Loss Tips

(YouTube link) These diet tips have been vetted by scholarly journals and the scientific community at one time or another. Still, your mileage may vary. -via The Daily What Geek

What Do Olympians Eat? 5 Crazy Training Diets

Back in 2008, during the Beijing Olympics, we were regaled with stories about the monstrous 12,000 calorie daily diet that American swimming sensation Michael Phelps consumed while gearing up for the Games. Alas, Phelps revealed last month his diet has never been that gargantuan. “I never ate that much,” he said. “It’s all a myth. [...]

The K-E Diet

Psst, want to lose 10 pounds in 10 days without going hungry? No, not a miracle diet pill – it’s a doctor-supervised program called the K-E Diet that’s becoming popular with brides-to-be who want [...]

The 1940’s Experiment

Carolyn Eakins has a goal to lose 100 pounds. To accomplish this, she is copying the diet of wartime rations from the 1940s. For a year. The 1940s Experiment is a personal journey and social experiment living for one year on a wartime ration book diet to conquer obesity.  100 wartime recipes will be recreated with [...]

Dr. Pepper’s New Manly Drink is Not For Women

Image: Dr Pepper Snapple Group Real men don’t drink sissy diet sodas, no siree! So to reach out to these untapped macho population for its new diet drink, Dr. Pepper decided to harness the [...]

Gremlins Pop! Bobblehead

Gremlins Pop! Bobblehead – $10.45 Is midnight snacking ruining your diet? You need the Gremlins Pop! Bobblehead from the NeatoShop. We suggest you put him near your fridge as a way to remember what happened to the sweet and lovable Mogwai when they ate after midnight! Be sure to check out the Neatoshop for more adorable Bobbleheads! Link

Dieting in Luxury

Mere dieting is for the poor. The rich, my friends, don’t just diet – they book a $5,600 week stay at a luxurious weight loss retreat. Christina Binkley of the Wall Street Journal recounts the horror – oh the horror – of a rich man’s fat camp, The Ranch at Live Oak, Malibu: The six-month-old Ranch [...]