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World Burping Championship

[YouTube Clip] Burp! The results of the first ever World Burping Championship is in: Tim Janus, a 35-year-old pizza chef silenced his competitors with a "lyrical and melodic burp" 18.1 seconds long. New York’s DNAinfo [...]

10 Landmark Moments in YouTube History

I’ve really been getting into my Instagram app these days, exploring ways to manipulate it beyond the standard filters that come with it. My most recent experiment is taking pictures of things on my computer screen; the glossy reflection, depending on sunlight and room conditions make for some pretty beautiful patterns and effects. Below you’ll [...]

The Quick 10: 10 Weird Caffeinated Products

As a new mom, I’m a fan of caffeine. I mean, I liked it before. But now it’s a godsend. I prefer my caffeine in the normal formats, though – Diet Coke, lattes, most forms of chocolate. If you’re more of a risk-taker, though, here are 10 items to try. 1. Water. Soda’s bad for [...]