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Dora The Explorer Gets The Hollywood Treatment

(College Humor Link) This is exactly what I’d expect a Hollywood version of Dora the Explorer to look like, complete with ridiculous casting, lots of suspense, and some over the top action sequences thrown in for good measure. Watch as Dora, Map and her friend Diego hunt for the infamous Swiper, while remaining educational for the audience! –via [...]

Music From Nature

(YouTube link) Musician and sound engineer Diego Stocco was commissioned by Burt’s Bees to make a song for Earth Day by editing together sounds from nature. The result is very catchy! Link -Thanks Diego!

Improv on a Trash Bin

(vimeo link) Sound Artist Diego Stocco is at the CES convention in Las Vegas. Sudden inspiration came from the resonant sound of a trash can, so he recorded this impromptu performance on his iPhone. -Thanks, Diego!

Woody’s Winners, Week 12

NFL WEEK TWELVE Woody posted a pleasant 12-4 record in NFL games last week, and wishes to apologize to all the Tennessee fans out there for jinxing your Titans a few weeks ago by raving about their wonderful play and Super Bowl chances. Sorry about that. A (non-holiday-related) family emergency caused me to miss the Thursday games [...]

Vespa Rocking Horse

Photo: An anonymous reader of the Italian-language site made a Vespa-shaped rocking horse for his nephew Diego. Who wants to take it out for a spin? Link (Google Translator version) via CrunchGear