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From Classics to Graphics: 6 Literary Masterpieces Turned Into Graphic Novels

Abridging classic novels for younger readers is nothing new. But in recent years, classic literature has been graphic novel-ized, making it more accessible for readers young and old while preserving the plot, themes, and sometimes even the author’s voice. English class will never be the same, thanks to these classics gone graphic. 1. The Picture of [...]

10 Other People Ronald Reagan’s Diary Only Mentions Once

During last night’s GOP debate, Mitt Romney attempted to minimize Newt Gingrich’s connection to President Reagan: “I looked at the Reagan diary. You’re mentioned once in Ronald Reagan’s diary. And in the diary, he says you had an idea in a meeting of young congressmen, and it wasn’t a very good idea and he dismissed it. [...]

The Tragic End of Nyan Cat

After the YouTube incident, it should have been obvious that someone had put a hit out on Nyan Cat. And really, I mean, his body was a pop tart. You can’t be that delicious and expect to live very long. The girlfriend of redditor Vosson finally did the deed. Link -via Diary of a Death [...]

Little Macs

This cute little double hamburger is not a Big Mac -or even a burger! It’s a cheeseburger macaron, made with cookies and fondant. Ladybird x, who made it, calls them “Little Macs.” See the process of making them at Diary of a Ladybird. Link -via The Daily What