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Diabetes in the USA

We’ve been told before that more and more Americans are getting Type 2 diabetes (which is brought upon by obesity), but you may be surprised that the geographical distribution of the disease is actually quite striking*. Healthline compiled data from CDC’s Behavioral [...]

Diabetic Dog Finds Home with Diabetic Twins

Roxy is a Staffordshire bull terrier who suffers from diabetes and requires daily insulin shots. The Scottish SPCA wondered if she would ever be adopted into a permanent home. But Catherine and Graham Hendry didn’t consider the shots a burden because their 8-year-old twin daughters, Louise and Katie, also have type 1 diabetes and must [...]

Diabetes in America

Slate has an interactive map showing when and where cases of diabetes are soaring. At the link, you can adjust the year with a slider and mouseover the counties to find yours. My county had a diabetes rate of 11.4% in 2008. Link -via Gene Expression

Gilpin Family Whisky Made from Urine

Gilpin Family Whisky If you are a diabetes patient “sweet urine” can be used to make whisky!A London-based designer James Gilpin, made “Gilpin Family Whisky” using the high-sugar urine produced by elderly diabetes patients, including the urine of his grandmotherJames Gilpin, who is also a diabetes patient, filters the high-sugar urine using the same processes [...]