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Venom Face Paint

Sara Poskonka (deviantARTist captainsarasparrow) created the most awesome symbiote out of regular face paint you’ll see today. Behold, Spider-Man’s archenemy Venom: Link – via Walyou

Eye of Sauron Nail

deviantARTist KayleighOC (Kayleigh O’Connor), who created the Batman Na na na na nails, is back. This time, she sports the Eye of Sauron nail: Link – via [...]

What Angry Birds Look Like After The Game

If you’ve ever wondered what the Angry Birds look like after they take down those dastardly pigs, these illustrations by deviantARTist Scooterek should fill you in on what they look like after battle. Their medical bills must be through the roof, good thing their game is so popular! LinkĀ  –via Rampaged Reality