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Exhaustively Detailed Hobbit Dollhouse

Every detail of Maddie Brindley’s Bag End is perfect. Every miniaturized item is Hobbit-appropriate, right down to the decorations and writings. You’ve got to see it to believe it–and you should. Link -via Nerd Bastards

Awesome Pencil Drawings By Paul Lung

I can’t believe the detail and accuracy found in these pencil drawings by Paul Lung, and I imagine that a cat would choose that exact same bow tie if given a choice. Paul Lung clearly breathes the airs of artistry quite freely, his bronchial tubes full of dander and inspiration, and hopefully he isn’t allergic to [...]

President Reagan on a Velociraptor

“Mr. Gorbachev, tear down this wall, or my velociraptor will do it for you!” Here at Neatorama, we get accused of being too liberal or too conservative at least once a week. But here’s the thing -we don’t care about politics. We care about awesomeness, and no matter what side of the political spectrum you happen [...]

MoD release more British UFO files

34 new files containing top secret reports and memos have been released by the UK National Archives. The files go in to detail about reports investiga…

Man Forced to Sell Camaro on eBay, Offers Lengthy Comparison of Car and Soon-to-Be Ex-Wife

wyliewalcyzkracing doesn’t go into much detail, but he links the loss of his beloved Chevrolet Camaro with his upcoming divorce. This is tragic because the car, he asserts, has superior features and performance to his wife. He goes into great detail on this point: Read the rest of his comparison at the link. Link -via MArooned

Embroidered Portraits

Daniel Kornrumpf embroiders portraits in amazingly lifelike detail. He stitches in a way that imitates brushstrokes. Above is “diamonds on my neck. diamonds on my grill” on linen. Link -via Swiss Miss | Artist’s Website | Photo: Libby Rosof

First images of unconscious brain

Scientists have managed to monitor in considerable detail a human brain as it falls unconscious. The technique is able to detect the waxing and waning…

Motorcycle Models Made out of Watch Parts

deviantART user dkart71 doesn’t offer a lot of verbal detail about this work, but his level of artistic detail is impressive. His gallery is filled with similar pieces, including choppers and trikes. Link

Booba’s New Shoes

(YouTube link) A few days ago, Allie Brosch described in detail the confusion her dogs went through when wearing their first shoes. So you can witness that yourself, here is Booba, a presumably normal Shi Tzu wearing his new yellow shoes. He doesn’t appear to be accustomed to wearing shoes. -via Buzzfeed