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Gingerbread Tower Of Barad-Dur With Candy Eye Of Sauron

When the gingerbread tower you’re building starts to resemble Saurons Tower of Barad-Dur, the last thing you want to do is slap that all-seeing eye on top and empower that evil dessert. It was created by Redditor McGilligan69 for the sake of showing how evil and chocolate go hand-in-hand. It looks sinfully delicious! Link  –via Obvious Winner

Why You Always Have Room for Dessert

At Christmas dinner this year, you may find yourself stuffed to capacity, unable to eat another bite…until you see a scrumptious dessert. Now, scientists know why. It’s because your stomach gets bigger when you eat sugar: The sugar in sweet foods stimulates a reflex that expands your stomach, writes senior researcher Arnold Berstad and assistant doctor [...]

The Chef Who Plays With His Food

If you think this is a picture of nachos, you’d be forgiven. That was most certainly the intention of Homaro Cantu when he created the dish. But the apparent chips with hamburger and cheese seen above are actually an elaborate dessert. The chips are actually candy. The beef is chocolate and the highlight of the [...]

Glass Block Holiday Jello

It may look like a Rubik’s cube, but this is a dessert you can make yourself -if you have the time. Despite the first paragraph of the post, this does not contain cottage cheese or vegetables, just gelatin and sweetened condensed milk. Link -via Metafilter


Qatayef (قطايف) is an Arab dessert commonly reserved for the Muslim holiday of Ramadan, a sort of sweet crepe filled with cheese or nuts. Palestinians make biggest “Qatayef” dessert to set world recordPalestinian sweets-makers prepare the biggest piece of eastern dessert “Qatayef” during an event organized by the tourism ministry to make a new world [...]

How To Make Brain Cupcakes

So you’re preparing your ultimate zombie-themed dinner party, and you’re stuck for a dessert. Or you’re entertaining a zombie who’s recently gone vegetarian, and is jonesing for those good old days of gray matter and the delicious taste of human brains. Whatever your reasons, you need a brainy treat that puts the “sweet” back into [...]

How to Make Frozen Frankenpops

[YouTube - Link] Bunchland Magazine, a digital magazine that features awesome and creative families from all over the world, received this submission for our food section, called Munchland. In this section, families send us videos of themselves cooking or talking about food. This video, entitled The Dessert of Frankenstein, came from dad Eric Woolfe, a brilliant playwright/actor who creates deliciously [...]

Zombie Brain Gelatin Mold

Zombie Brain Gelatin Mold – $7.95 You know what’ll make a great after dinner dessert? How about … (you know it’s coming) braaaaaaaaains? The Neatorama Shop has just gotten our shipment of the Zombie Brain Gelatin Mold (with recipes on how to make your very own creepy realistic gray brain gelatin, and worm infested zombie brain [...]

Chefs Create ‘Love Dessert’ with Viagra

Colombian Chefs Create ‘Love Dessert’ with Viagra Students at a Colombian cooking school have created a ‘love dessert’ made with passion fruit and Viagra. Student chefs at the state culinary school, SENA, in Quindio province, came to the capital Bogota to present their special pudding at the “Gastronomy 2009″ culinary show on Friday. The creamy dessert is garnished [...]