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Space Saving Bunk Couches

There’s no reason why the space saving concept of the bunk bed can’t be applied elsewhere. Desks, cribs, outhouses–you can save a lot of room with just vertical stacking. People at the i3 Detroit hackerspace built these bunk couches. Link -via Make

11 Cool Gadgets to Help Geeks Lose Weight

Let’s be honest, many of us are interested in losing weight, but it just seems so tedious. The trick is to find something that works with your lifestyle so you can maintain your interest. That’s why Weighthacker’s list of gadgets to help geeks lose weight is so useful for those of us with an interest [...]

42 Gorgeous Office Desk Designs

Are you tired of your old workspace? The Freshome interior design blog will help you find inspiration for something new by listing “42 Gorgeous Desk Designs for any Office”. Some of the desks are suited only for large rooms that accentuate their gorgeous shape. And then there are those desks that can transform from a small, [...]