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Perfect for Desk Jockeys: The Aviator Desk

This desk and chair from Restoration Hardware is designed to reflect the textures and shapes of World War II aircraft. The aluminum surface has been dinged and scratched a bit to give the impression that the desk has spent a few hundred hours in the air. Link -via Jay Mug

How to Create Your Own Papercraft Bookmobile

Bookmobiles are awesome. There’s an amazing sense of adventure in seeing a truck roll down the street full of books and wondering what you can get inside. While a paper bookmobile doesn’t have that same sense of adventure, having a papercraft bookmobile to spice up your desk’s design would still be amazing.  Over at illustrator [...]

Maleficent 3D Bookmark

Maleficent 3D Bookmark Are you still holding on fast and tight to your books? Warn your snickering e-book reading friends to back off with the Maleficent 3D Bookmark from the NeatoShop. This great little bookmark makes it seem like Maleficent herself is ruling over the book.    Be sure to check out the NeatoShop for more great [...]

The Spruce Clamp

This is a great idea: a hall tree for your desk! The Spruce Clamp, made by Layer X Layer, clamps on the edge of your desk where you can hang wires, jewelry, glasses, reminders, and other clutter to keep it off the surface. A Christmas ornament or two would look good on it, too! Each [...]

Babe Magnets

Babe Magnets – $14.95 (sold individually) Are you on the prowl for a hot desk accessory? You need the Babe Magnet from the NeatoShop. These attractive magnets are perfect for organizing a messy desk. The man and the woman are both magnetic. The base is heavy enough to act as a paperweight. Babe Magnets are available [...]

Zamboni Desk Vacuum

Zamboni Desk Vacuum – $19.95 Is it time to clean off that mess you call a desk? You need the amazing Zamboni Desk Vacuum from the NeatoShop. This little guy is always at the ready to clear away crumbs and resurface your work space arena.  Be sure to check out the NeatoShop for more fantastic Office Supplies!  Link

Hot Air Balloon Desk

My first thought was that the balloons are fake and the desk is attached a strut that is bolted to the ceiling. But no: those are real, helium/hydrogen-filled balloons. This reception desk at the Dublin-based ad agency Boys and Girls is held aloft by balloons that are made to remain permanently inflated. The other end [...]

Peeramid Dog Bookrest

Peeramid Dog Bookrest – $29.95 The weekend is here. Are you looking for a great way to kick back and relax? You need the Peeramid Dog Bookrest from the NeatoShop. This adorable plush bookrest, shaped like a pyramidal dog, is perfect for propping up iPads, e-readers and old fashioned books. Now get out there and do [...]

Please Give Me a Bite

(YouTube link) This is what happens when you eat with a cat sitting on your lap. It’s just TOO tempting for him! -via Buzzfeed But then, a cat doesn’t have to be on your lap to be obnoxious while you’re eating. I found that out while trying to enjoy a bowl of cereal at my desk:  

EraserCity: Erasers Shaped Like Skyscrapers

EraserCity – $14.95 Make no mistake: this EraserCity set, composed of erasers shaped like buildings, are capable of huge errors and look good on your desk as [...]