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A Marine’s Return to Ballet

Roman Baca became a ballet dancer after high school. Since male dancers are in the minority, he found plenty of work, but not the full-time position he hoped for. So Baca joined the Marines and was sent to patrol Fallujah, Iraq, in 2005. When he returned, he couldn’t find satisfaction in a desk job. My then-girlfriend, [...]

Your Desk Job is Killing You

You know what’s worse than NOT having a job? Having a desk job. A new study in Australia has found that sitting down for long periods of time will hasten your death: The study of more than 200,000 men and women in NSW [...]

A Day in the Life of Business Cat

Business Cat is an image meme in which a cat holds a desk job. Most of what you see around the ‘net are pithy statements mixing business and cat culture. But here’s a post that takes you through the entire day of a house cat that holds down a nine-to-five job, although he often works [...]

Beneath the Neon

Hundreds of couples are living underneath the US gambling mecca Las Vegas and living off the scraps left behind by its patrons. It’s claimed that up to 700 people call the network of tunnels beneath the casinos home. They make their living by scavenging, and working their way down the strip of casinos. Steven moved into [...]