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Olaf Breuning’s Bizarre Coffin Designs

Designer Olaf Breuning wanted to see his whimsical coffin designs brought to life, so he commissioned some coffin makers from Ghana to build the kooky corpse boxes for him, since the people of Ghana enjoy using eccentric coffins in their own funeral practices. These melting popsicle, chocolate bar and snowman shaped coffins are strictly for decorative [...]

Better Check Your Rads

Zachariah Cruse is quite the props designer. In fact, he was able to not only make a Pipboy from Fallout 3, but he was even able to make one with a working screen. Now that’s impressive! Link

Coffee Chair

Sometimes simple is best. Korean designer Sunhan Kwon created a clever "Coffee Chair" that’ll fit perfectly in your favorite local cafe: Link – via designboom

A Classy Wine in a Box

Nothing says taste and class like boxed wine and designer handbags, so get ready for this: Vernissage’s "bag-in-a-bag" of wine. It’s boxed wine, shaped like a couture handbag! The idea for the wine purse originated [...]

The Tablecloth That Looks Better With Spills

For those who have accepted spills and stains as a part of daily life, designer Kristine Bjaadal’s tablecloth concept could be a lifesaver. Rather than get ruined when someone spills something on it, the cloth improves—showing a stunning butterfly that was practically invisible before the stain. And that’s not her only clever innovative idea. She also [...]

A Modern Take On The Classic Lava Lamp

Designer Merve Kahraman has created an updated version of the classic Lava Lamp, and this time the wax is flowing fluid-free. He calls it the Revitalizer, and it looks like a big old waxy mess in the making! Wax heated by a high voltage bulb up top drips into the cup below, and when the whole thing [...]

Concrete Chair

That sure looks comfy! Swiss designer Stefan Zwicky re-created the iconic LC2 armchair by Le Corbusier with rebar and concrete.

Famous Dishes from Literature

Graphic designer Dinah Fried had a great idea for a photo series: meals from famous works of fiction. Pictured above is one from The Catcher in the Rye. Others at the link include Moby Dick and The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo. As much as I loved Watership Down, I doubt that photos of the characters’ [...]

Michael Jantzen Deconstructs The Suburbs

Designer Michael Jantzen has an interesting idea about the future of (sub)urban renewal-let it all fall down. His photo manipulation series illustrates what our neighborhoods would look like in the hands of architects more concerned with form than function. When deconstruction becomes the latest fad in suburban architecture, we’ll all have to sleep in tents on the [...]

Frustro: The Impossible Font

Take a closer look at the letters above. Hungarian designer Martzi Hugedus was inspired by the Penrose triangle to create "Frustro," the impossible font (typeface, for you purists): Link [...]