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Ballpoint Pen Wallpaper by Alissia Melka-Taichroew

Sure, we all doodle from time to time, but New York-based artist Alissia Melka-Taichroew has taken doodling to an artform with wallpapers made from pen drawings. Designboom has more: Link – via MyEDOL

Folding Corner Ladder

Way back when, my father-in-law bought me a Little Giant folding ladder that, despite its name, ain’t so little. Still, I didn’t think anyone could create a ladder smaller than that, so I was [...]

Ted Lott’s House on an Armchair

Ted Lott builds houses, but not like any house that you’ve ever seen. In this piece titled "Sit Stay," he took an old armchair frame and turned it into a foundation for a miniature house. Designboom has more photos: Link [...]