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Fire Escape Bookshelves

Chiasso’s charming Urban Shelf design looks like a fire escape. Yes, two of the shelves aren’t very useful, but that may be why Chiasso calls it “Urban Shelf” instead of “Urban Shelves.” Link -via Bookshelf

Light Bulb Lamp

Dmitry Kul’s refreshing design puts a bare light bulb on the ceiling. His gallery has other clever, minimalist designs, including a dumbbell that looks like slabs of meat and a birdhouse that looks like a camera. Link (Translation) -via Lustik

Sky Stack

The German design studio asdfg architekten wrapped reflective bands around a smokestack in Kassel, Germany. The five bands reflect the sky around it, creating the illusion that the upper sections of the chimney are floating. See more pictures at designboom. Link -via The Daily What

Beautiful Carved Wooden Toilet Seat Cover

Steven’s design is ingenious. The problem with paper toilet seat covers is that they’re too flimsy to stay in place and keep you clean. But his design, made of solid wood, won’t fall apart. Any why is it so elaborately decorated? So that when you carry it around in public–and you will, of course–no one will [...]

Comfy Cushioned Couch Looks Like Solid Wood

You may be pleasantly surprised when you first sit on this couch by Front Design. It’s padded, but covered with a photorealistic print of untreated wood. Link | Designers’ Website

Experimental Heavy-Nosed Bullet

Steve at The Firearm Blog writes: A Russian inventor emailed me photos of his patent-pending bullet design. These bullets are loaded in 12.7×108mm cases. The inventor did not explain to me how this design is beneficial but according to a study done by the US Military in the 1950s (PDF Link), the center of gravity affects how [...]


Sam Lofgren’s table design is perfect for the contemporary plumber. It’s one piece in a line that uses the suction of plungers where other people would use screws, nails and glue. Link -via Design Boom

Propane Tank Lamp

This clever design by Félix Guyon will bring a bit of spark to any home. It’s made from an old propane tank and a (thankfully) fake giant match. Link -via Recylart

This $9 Cardboard Bike Can Support Riders Up To 485lbs

It’s cheap, it’s lightweight, and it runs on renewable energy. Best of all, it actually exists.  Izhar Gafni has worked in a number of fields, but until recently, cardboard bike design wasn’t one of them. Inspired by the cardboard canoe and inexpensive computer tech (like the Raspberry) that have made these items affordable for consumers all [...]

The Aquarium Bed and Other Weirdly Luxurious Resting Places

“Sleeping with the fishes” takes on a less sinister meaning thanks to a new bed design that places your head directly below a 650-gallon fish tank. For the low, low price of $11,500, you can rest easy knowing you don’t have to purchase matching lamps, which are included. Despite the price and any claustrophobia or concerns [...]