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11 Historical Geniuses and Their Possible Mental Disorders

Studies have shown that there are much higher instances of mental disorder in political leaders and creative geniuses than in the general population. And while it’s impossible to be completely sure of a correct diagnosis of a historical figure, that hasn’t stopped researchers from making educated guesses. Here’s a speculative look at the mental health [...]

Don’t Be Grumpy, Simply "Goal Disengage"

Attention cranky oldsters (and their suffering younglings)! A new study on aging and depression has come up with a way to avoid turning into a grumpy old man (or woman): just accept that what [...]

Diagnosing the Social Media Blues

Researchers at the American Academy of Pediatrics just identified a brand-new condition: Facebook Depression. It’s apparently most acute in kids and teenagers, who according to the experts are more susceptible than grownups to to obsessing over their rivals’ friend tallies or feeling like they don’t measure up when confronted with boastful status updates or photos [...]

A Yuletide Gift of Kindness

An anonymous benefactor in Canton, Ohio placed a newspaper ad near Christmas in 1933 and asked for people in need to contact him. At the height of the Great Depression, many were in dire straits and responded by mail. The mysterious “B. Virdot” sent $5 (a generous sum at the time) to 150 families. Virdot [...]

Pandora-Like Disappearing Plant

(YouTube Link) In the movie Avatar, there is a plant that disappears into the ground the instant it’s touched. The good news for those afflicted with Pandora Depression it that we have a similar plant organism, right here on Earth! The Sea Pen (a soft coral) expels water from its body when touched, so as to avoid [...]

The Genius of the Joy of Cooking

by Tim Farrell Forget magazine clippings and newspaper headlines. If you really want to put your finger on the pulse of American culture, just flip through an edition of the Joy of Cooking. The ubiquity of the Joy of Cooking is staggering. More than 18 million copies have sold since the Great Depression—when a Midwestern widow named [...]

Bedtime May Save a Teenager

Teenagers need more sleep than other age groups; nine hours is recommended. But many only get seven or even fewer hours of sleep each night. A recent study found that adolescents whose parents set an early bedtime for them had fewer bouts of depression and suicidal thoughts than those whose parents set a later bedtime. [...]

Disorders That Make Us Stronger

Because you Neatorama readers are so smart, you might already know how sickle cell anemia makes someone resistant to malaria. This apparent evolutionary disadvantage has actually survived through the generations because it makes individuals more fit for survival in other ways. While sickle cell anemia is the best known of these evolutionary diseases, it is not [...]

Woman Lost Disability Benefit Because of Facebook

If you’re on a long-term disability because of depression, perhaps it’s a good idea not to post photos of yourself having fun on Facebook: Nathalie Blanchard has been on leave from her job at IBM in Bromont, Quebec, for the last year. The Canadian Broadcasting Corp. reported Saturday she was diagnosed with major depression and was receiving [...]

Depression in Mom = Depression in Baby and Toddler?

Think a baby is too young to be depressed? Think a again. A new study out of the University of Montreal in Quebec suggests a strong link between depression in mothers and anxiety and depression in infants and toddlers: The longitudinal study of 1759 children, ranging in age from 5 months to 5 years, found that [...]