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‘Tooth patch’ developed in Japan

Japanese scientists have invented a tooth coating that could revolutionize many aspects of dentistry. The ‘tooth patch’ consists of a microscopically …

Clever and Sometimes Horrifying Tools from the History of Dentistry

Oobject gathered pictures of dentistry from past and probably pain-filled generations. Despite the visceral horror one might feel by looking at some of them, one must also admire the ingenuity behind some of them, such as this clockwork drill from the Nineteenth Century. Link via Gizmodo | Previously: A Pictorial History of Dentistry

Painless Parker’s Dental Circus

Edgar Parker opened his dental practice in 1892 and found business was not that great. So he took his practice on the road and became “the P.T. Barnum of dentistry.” Dentistry as entertainment? Working in the 1890s during the height of ‘humbugs,’ ‘dime museums’, and rational amusements, Parker did what any natural-born-showman would do. He took [...]